He finishes his homework before going to bed.

She used to enjoy being with him.


Anything may happen now.

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Keep the change, please.

The suitcase contained nothing but dirty clothes.

You are to pay your debt.

They already did that.

What is the subjunctive of the verb "to be"?

Say what is true.

She speaks English better than any of her classmates.

But now, when only one step was left to the goal, Orest suddenly lost his courage.

Laura's son is called John.

I always thought Japan was the only country where people remove their shoes inside the house.

Would you like to know how to prevent getting wrinkles?

He was unimpressed.

Samuel is very petty.

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I don't think this is a good idea.


Ravindran can swim, but Shamim can't.


I wouldn't go that far.

It has been raining since last Monday.

She advised him not to go out by himself at night.

They can't fire you.

They didn't find us.

I am on the side of democracy.

International Women's Day (March 8th 2014) celebrates important achievements of women all over the world.


If you don't read the newspaper, you're uninformed. If you read the newspaper, you're mis-informed.

Are you in charge here?

Cats that are completely white with blue eyes are always, or nearly always, deaf.


I'm sorry that I had been viewing you as a liar until just a few minutes ago.

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My basic equipment includes the first one.


Dogs must be carried.

Which one would you like?

He grimaced as if memories of his bitter past were crashing like waves inside his head.


I think I'm right, but I'm not going to fight about it.


Art is long, life is short.


Melancholy is for crazies and morons, that's what alcohol and women are for.

His dress is that of gentleman, but his speech and behavior are those of a clown.

I'm not as creative as Emily is.

I wonder where your brother has gone to.

Don't move, or I'll shoot you.

Dominic got up from his desk.

What's your aim in Tatoeba?

Batman is friends with Robin.

Who in the rainbow can draw the line where the violet tint ends and the orange tint begins? Distinctly we see the difference of the colors, but where exactly does the one first blendingly enter into the other? So with sanity and insanity.

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Laurent is a golden boy.

I have a corner in my liver just for you, alcohol.

Which one of these people is your friend?


In 1984, Coke started using high-fructose corn syrup as substitute for sugar.

Genius means one percent inspiration and 99 percent sweat.

I spent two hours watching a baseball game on TV last night.

He got everything he wanted for Christmas presents.

We all know what'll happen.

His death was a great loss to our firm.

Raanan is quite forgetful.

The ship made slow progress against the strong wind.

Rhonda never gives me any answers.


Sanand went upstairs to the attic.

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Break the silence.

I am going to study English.

I used to tell people I knew how to speak French.

The motorcade made its way down Park Street.

The exact same thing happened to me.

The class was divided into four groups.

She made fun of my acne.

Does Jane play tennis very often?

Write me a message.

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I'm Luke's attorney.

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At that time, my house was under construction.

The factory has dismissed some three hundred workers.

Don't go to extremes. To be moderate is important in anything.

Look again.

Hazel plans to catch a flight back to Boston this evening.


Meet me there at midnight.

That was easy.

We've been wondering where you've been.

What Marty really wanted was a good friend he could talk to.

That was frustrating.

Marion is getting ready for school.

He lost his memory.

They demanded a treaty that would punish Germany severely.

I take my hat off to her for her effort.

I don't believe you've met him.

She lent them a hand with their luggage.

This letter has the wrong address.

One drinks coffee in a cafe.

What do you say to driving to the lake?

But wherefore do not you a mightier way make war upon this bloody tyrant Time?

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When was the last time you sat up late?

We've humiliated them.

They saw a cat climbing up the tree.


Doug isn't very enthusiastic.


Do you want some candy?


Jeanette came on Monday and went back home the following day.

If God had consulted me before embarking on the creation of the planets, I would have suggested a simpler system.

Here is the Paris - Lyon train schedule.

Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for I am the evilest sonofabitch in the valley.

I hardly ever take my dog for a walk.

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My mommy went outside.

She runs the business with her daughters.

Canada is located in North America.

How can a duplicate sentence be removed?

Can you help us find Barry?

Simply repeating the same method won't do any good.

The pears we eat in Japan look almost like apples.


She made an excuse for being late.

Jochen reminds me of his father.

She cleared the dishes from the table after dinner.

Had the elephant and the giraffe not had common ancestors, how might one possibly have observed that they had an exactly equal number of vertebrae in their necks?

Don't talk so much next time.


I have a black and white speckled dog.

I could never forgive myself if I did that.

I was just trying to be a friend.

Here it is.

You seem to be overworked.


Damn, this ice cream is really good!

Today is too hot for sunbathing.

That would be fine.

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It wasn't the first time they had done it.

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You'll have a marvelous time.

The car my grandfather gave me only got ten miles to the gallon.

Herman handed Pratap his wallet.

Jean-Christophe didn't know Rich was dating John.

You probably don't recognize her.

He was eighty-two years old and feeling his age.

Given another chance, he'd do his best.

Whose decision is it?

Is money important for me?

I'm excited about this.

Let me know the way.

His remarks came home to me.

Stan says he can't do anything about that.


Their job is to fell the dead trees.

When poverty comes in at the door, love flies out the window.

The bridge gave way because of the flood.

Barney and Jimmy sat across from John and Alice.

This is my favorite.

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This diver's watch is a little too expensive.


The game was rained out.

Could you pass me the water, please?

Take the chair to your room.

We thought the situation would be embarrassing.

I have to buy a new battery for my car.

People listen to the whispering of a nice woman more than the loudest call of duty.

Leatherback turtles can weigh more than a thousand pounds.

What heading does this book come under?

Child pornography is illegal in most countries, but Saeb wants me to make up sentences about it.

I prefer that it stay that way.

Did you find any clues?

Help each other with homework.

I can't give you the exact numbers off the top of my head, but I'll look into it and get back to you.

We were pretty thorough.

Nobody contributed to the understanding of dreams as much as Freud.


The internet isn't working.

He is anything but a reliable man.

Pat is poor and happy.

I think the movie is a very heart warming one.

I worked part-time doing housekeeping in a hotel, but found out that it was just not for me.

I sent an email to an old friend of mine. We haven't kept in touch for awhile, being that the last time we met was over two years ago and haven't contacted each other since. There's no reply from her yet. I'm starting to get anxious.

I don't want to tell Elliot the truth.

I have no money to pay for the bus.

Ramsey is such a killjoy.

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You're the only one who can make me laugh.

What's the difference between cows and bulls?

When did the robbery happen?

I saw the white trail of his frozen breath.

What's so complicated about that?